About us

    1. Sense ofMission

    Research and develop intelligent products and solutions based on the Internet of Things and Big Data technology. Help global retail enterprises improve operation, increase efficiency, and proactively promote the advancement and reform of retail enterprises.

    2. Position

    High-tech enterprise based on the Internet of Things and Big Data innovative technology.

    3. Enterprise’s Advocation

    Innovative spirit, embracing challenge, equality, independence, social responsibility and love, ecological protection

    4. Outlook on Talents

    Employee is both the most precious resource of enterprises and the purpose of operation.

    The company strives to create a working environment of fairness, justice, harmony and full of love, allowing each BLOZI staff fully develop their talents, release potentials and find pleasure in it.

    The company always leaves the best opportunity  and resource to the most productive person.

    5. Team Spirit

    The most important thing in working together is to cause each other to be successful.

    While the best way to cause others to be successful is to be able to become a role model in others’ mind, to constantly release positive energy, and to stimulate positive energy for each other.

    6. Social Responsibility

    Constantly increase employment positions, actively pay taxes, research, develop and manufacture products in compliance with the requirement for environmental protection, observe disciplines and obey laws, advocate environmental protection, and proactively participate in the relevant activities.

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